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I love the feel good effect we get from fashion! Dressing up is always fun, but we also need comfy, stylish, head-turning everyday wear. Even better, what about a modern lifestyle brand that mirrors a message of hope and personal empowerment at the same time?

That is the fusion we want to provide for wardrobes across the world! 


I am Aury Reitz and I'm thrilled and honored to launch BeWho Clothing! The concept of BeWho is to create designs that reflect our God-driven identity as individuals and together as a community. Like most people, I struggled to value myself the way God intended.

I quickly realized how much potential, promise and purpose would have passed me by if my confidence and image of self did not change.

In addition, if I did not learn to love myself at that level, it would be hard to love and see the true value in others.


Identity essentially effects everything about us, especially where we end up in this journey of life.

My husband often says, "When you figure out your identity you will figure out your destiny."

These experiences and revelations have inspired the brand you see today. It is my passion and prayer for you to Be Who God has created you to be; living the best version of yourself; because when you do, you will touch the world for good. 

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